Understanding Agile Software Development

In simple terms, Agile Development refers to a number of iterative and incremental methodologies that are put together to come up with a software. Some of the most notable agile methodologies are Scrum, Lean Development, Crystal and Extreme Programming (XP).

Although every agile development has its own features and specific approach, all of the share a common interest and their vision is the same. In addition, all these agile developments offer continuous feedback which is essential when developing and delivering a software system.

With agile development, continuous planning is very essential, this is also the case when it comes to testing and integration plus all other forms of continuous development of both the software and the project. The good thing about agile developments is the fact that they are extremely lightweight, especially when compared to the older versions which were more of waterfall-style processes. These developments’ main focus is empowering people to collaborate and make collective decisions quickly and effectively.

The Evolution of the Agile Services

A lot of the individual principles and practices that the agile development tries to promote are things that have been there before, probably even for a number of decades.  However, instead of implementing these practices piecemeal, this latest technology tries to offer the services in a package that includes a number of customers, management, and in other cases engineering practices: all these are helpful in assisting a business through the process of quickly planning and delivering work.

Controversy is always rife in the business word and agile development has not been spared either. However, amid all the controversy, this technology has continued to deliver higher quality software systems in far much less time as compared to the traditional processes. If you are a software developer and have not yet tried this great service, maybe it’s time to change the way of doing things. We hope the information included herein will be of paramount benefit to every software developer.